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First birthday present ideas?

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Ds2 turns 1 in July, and I want to get something, but am not sure what. I personally would like to order a bunch of books from Chinaberry, but I'd like to find something that he would enjoy right now. I was also thinking some musical instruments.

What are you getting/did you get your ds/dd for their first birthday? And what are links to your favorite toy websites?
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DS has wooden instrument set (Walmart usually has them) with tamborine, jingle sticks, and a triangle (that at 3 he's still not allowed to have b/c of hte stick). He LOVES it to this day. Got it for xmas when he turned 1.

Thomas the Tank Circle track set (about $30) - comes with trains and track.

AZA membership if you live close to a zoo that costs $ to get in (and honors the AZA membership). A Family membership is usually $50 for 2 adults and 2 kids. It gets you into over 100 zoos and zoological/oceanographic parks and centers.

A Lovey Baby (

Waldorf doll
Dh and I got ds a Kindermusik class! He goes w/ dh--it's a special thing they get to do together. He looooves it! I think their w/site would have a list of teachers or something in your area, if you're interested!

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What about something from Melissa and Doug ? My son has loved his M&D stuff since he was a little tyke, and they're really "grow with you" toys. Right now, as a matter of fact, he's taking the trees from his town block set and banging them oh-so-melodically on my computer table. How pleasant!

Anyway, they've got lots of nifty stuff. And remember, whatever you get, your DC will probably be more interested in the wrapping paper at first anyway! :LOL

Happy birthday to your little one (mine turns two in July)!

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Definitely some play silks - my one year old loves to play with hers... peek-a-boo, hiding her toys, etc... Also, a hand knit gnome is always nice
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