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First cd mom wants to start,,,,confused.

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OK when i was pg with ds i didn't know there were options for cd. didn't matter cause i didn't have a washer in the house until he was 7-8 months old. didn't find this forum until last month and finally learned...dun da da. there are new ways of CDing!! i only thought there were the old gerber folded cd with the plastic covers...silly me yeah i know.

Ok want suggestions since there is literally a TON of diapers, covers, inserts, and everything else i can't name let alone understand its like trying to choose....well ONE way of diapering out of thousands!! i don't know anyone who cders...yet.

Info about whos using CD and timelines/wants/needs
Ds is 18 m/o. pg with #2 not due till sept and want to "practice" and see if it works for me. I like the fuzzy buns (?) some have shown me...don't like the idea of having to wash inner AND outer every time. ds only has 4-5 diaper changes per day, sometimes less than one BM per day (don't know how fun thats going to be with cd). want something that isn't extremely extravagent as he is already halfway through diapering but something that works with nb as well...I am not really sure what else I should put.

Would be helpful to have pics too. I have NO idea what CPF or any of that stuff looks like.
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I love Fuzzi Bunz, or pocket diapers. They are easy to use for the dh too. You can change up what insert you stuff in the pocket depending on what absorbancy you need--like for day or night. Definitely my favorites!
If I had to choose just one style of diaper to use, it would be a pocket diaper like Fuzzi Bunz. I like them because they work well and consistantly, and you can adjust the amount and type of stuffing for absorbancy.

If you don't want to have to wash the cover every time you change the diaper, you might like fitted diapers and covers. Some great fitteds are Swaddlebees and Kissaluvs (the 0s are very popular for newborns) and Lucy's Hope Chest. I used Bummis Super Whisper Wraps for covers with my girls, mostly, though there are some other covers in our rotations too. You can just wipe down the cover with a wipe between changes, unless there is poop on it, in which case you'd probably want a fresh one.

If you want something both of your kids can use, you might look into the bumGenius one size pocket diaper. Again, it's a pocket, but it can be used for both your older child and the new baby.

Washing really isn't that big of a deal, even with poopy diapers.
I just shake any solids off into the toilet, take out the insert if I'm using a pocket diaper, and put it in the "pail" which is acutally just a bummis bag hanging on the bathroom doorknob.
When it's time to wash, I do a cold rinse, hot wash with a bit of detergent (just a tablespoon or two), an extra cold rinse, and we're done.
Breastfed baby poop doesn't even really have to be shaken/rinsed in the toilet unless you just want to. It disolves in the washer quite easily.

Happy Shopping!
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Originally Posted by EmmalinesMom
If you don't want to have to wash the cover every time you change the diaper, you might like fitted diapers and covers.
If you want something you can use with two different sized kids, there are one-size fitteds like Ecobaby Grow-With-Me.
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I would like to look at one size fits all. seems to be a poor nb would be swallowed up!!

will take a look at pricing some fuzzi buns and inserts but i still want more opinions!!
If you are looking for an economical choice start with a dozen or so diaper service quality prefolds. Chinese or indian will work just fine although I would suggest indian if you think you'll be doing a lot of pinning. (indian is softer). Infant size will work just fine for a newborn and also makes a good insert for pocket dipes. Toddler size is workable evne on a small baby but is rather bulky on the little ones. As far as covers go Bummis are great! I like the Super Whisper Wrap best.

This is where I bought my first dozen dipes. And probably the sight I learned the most about cding on as far as sellers go.

Here is a great page from their site that details the sizes of prefolds and how to fold them into a wrap as well as how they look on a baby.

hope this helps
for all the fancy diapers I have tried my all time favorites are still standard prefolds and pull on pants (i prefer nylon to vinyl)or a simple wrap (I like prowraps). and pins. snappis are good too but pins are just as easy for me. snappis are just easier to find and harder to lose.

for a one size my favorite is a motherease one size.
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Hey you DO know someone who cd's! You just don't know me (and Jake) very well yet
I can show you my stash anytime you are interested. My main stuff is fuzzi bunz but I tried a ton of stuff before deciding what worked best for me and Jake. I have one CPF you can have if you want, it's hardly been used at all. I also have some loveybums fitteds, some wool covers, a bummis super whisper wrap, daisy doodles (they're an all in 2), and one bum genius diaper which is a new one size fits all diaper made by cotton babies. I love the bum genius and will probably be getting more but right now she only has white available so I'm waiting for the colors to come out

Just let me know when you want to come over and you can see everything. I've also got 2 different diaper pail liners and a mini-shower which is the best little invention in the whole wide world in my opinion. It sprays the poo off the diaper so you don't have to do that whole dunk and swirl thing (I did that once and I will never do it again! yuk!). Anyways I'm working tomorrow morning and I think we've got errands to run tomorrow evening but we don't have anything planned on Sunday so that would be a good time.
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Yes we are getting to know you Rachel. We hadn't really talked about CDing much so didn't get alot of info. I would like to see your stock...mostly the prefolds and such. I am really looking for trim fit with best absorbancy and it seems like CPF would be good for night (not moving and shaking so its ok to be larger) and 1 or MAYBE 2 layers of Indian prefolds. Trying to see how much micro fleece is and found some on ebay...wonder if they have it at kmart/walmart/target/BX. Ebay was $4/yd...1 yard should be plenty right?

I like the velcro covers so they are more adjustable. Found this one brand Kushies Taffeta that were a really good price and the reviews that were posted were really good...if no one has used those I may just use Bummis though as everyone seems to like them. Any other covers that are around
$6-10/cover? Would like to keep it at 8 if at all possible. Or if you know of "discount" places to get the more expensive ones.

Well I did alot of research tonight and am excited to start my journey. debating on whether to order now or wait for some more opinions...should wait...must gather all info before making purchase...(haha..)

This may sound odd but I was wondering if anyone knew of any mentrasional like pads that were disp. that were about the size of a diaper? Wanted to try and "invent" an in-between diaper for myself and had looked quickly at an adult "diaper" site and it was about $15 for 10-12 large/medium "pads".
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Yeah definitely at least wait until you can see my stuff in person before buying so you can get an idea of all the different kinds. I never got to see any before I started ordering and that's why I went through so many different kinds I think. The problem with CPFs at night is that they can feel the wetness with them. Unless there is a fleece or suede liner on a diaper they will feel the wetness and need to be changed much more often. I did CPF's first and sold all but one. They were way too bulky to me and I found them hard to put on a squirmy toddler. I think if I'd used them since Jake was a newborn and I had more practice it would have been easier though. My daisy doodles are the trimmest but they were expensive and because they are so trim they almost always leak poo so we only use those at home. The loveybum fitteds are nice and they definitely hold everything in but they're still pretty bulky. Of course they all seem bulky when you make the switch. My trimmess diapers are the daisy doodles, bum genius, and fuzzi bunz, in that order.
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Oh and I liked the velcro too except that Jake always rips velcro off right away so we had to go with snaps which luckily he hasn't figured out yet.
How may diapers do you think I need for a toddler? He uses about 3-5 diapers per day but thats disp. and I was wondering what kind of ratio that is. cloth diapers don't hold quite as much right? I am guessing 6-8 covers and 24 pf. Then i am just going to buy some micro fleece and cut to shape. Pretty cheap so far.....Let me know the number that works for you.

Also, after you fold the diaper, do you put the middle down (towards the diaper) or up?
I'm originally from Tucson, and I'll be there next week visiting family! I'm also a military wife (and prior service USAF)
So...did you know there's a really great diaper service in Tucson? You could always try it that way for a while before taking the plunge.
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