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Just finished my first cycle with Chlomid (dose of 50, days 3-7). Just got my period. Bummer. Onward and upward

We are dealing with MFI (poor morphology and motility, good counts) and supposedly my 21 day prog. test indicated anovulatory (despite many months of charting with obvious thermal shift - didn't chart that month, though). I am still nursing DS (3.5). I have poor CM, but was using preseed this cycle.

My question is this . . .

My luteal phase was somewhere between 9 and 13 days (according to folicle tracking - last ultrasound was two days before the 4 day window they gave me for ovulation, ovulation was confirmed two days after the window via US). If it was 9, obviously that wasn't long enough. That would indicate low progesterone, yes? Is that correct? If so, should i request progest. from my GYN? I will be getting an hsg trigger shot this cycle, will that alone be enough?

I guess I always kind of wondered if my 21 day prog. test (which was actually on day 25) indicated low prog overall, not because I didnt' ovulate that cycle if that makes sense. So perhaps my problem isn't so much lack of O as lack of Prog.?

I want to get that all sorted out before IUI in September so we can take all the necessary steps to increase our chances with that. I dont' know if IVF is an option for us (never say never, but it would mean I would have to go back to work and that is a major issue for our family) so I want to do everything we can to help IUI be successful, yk?

THanks so so much in advance for any info you can give me!

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my understanding of the 7dpo progesterone test results are this:

above a certain threshold indicates that you have ovulated (or have a functioning corpus luteum at least).

above another (higher) threshold indicates that you have sufficient levels to support a pregnancy if one were to start.

If you are in between these two numbers, you may need supplemental progesterone.

Also, the hCG trigger shot will help your corpus luteum make more progesterone. It tricks it into thinking you have a pregnancy so the CL will be stronger. Does that make sense?

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