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Hey ladies,

I've been wanting to post here for a while but havent found the time!! I'm curious to hear some "alternative" opinions, cause i certainly dont get that in my family or from neighbors!!

My baby had his first cold after his 4 mo well baby visit (no vax). He had a high temp for about 1/2 hour, then maybe 101 for a day then maybe 99 for a day. He was congested in the nose, and developed a little cough. About a week later the nose congestion ended and hes had the little lingering cough ever since, 3 weeks. About a two weeks ago he would wake up once or twice each night, cough for about 2 minutes, and then go back to sleep. Two nights he coughed tilll he gaged and vomited a little. Then i got worried about pertussis and begin giving him lots of vit c. The cough definatly improved, no night coughing at all, just a little day coughing, and it doesnt sound like much mucos is left either.

I'm not real worried, wasnt in the first place but my mom keeps saying "you know you can give him a little cough medicine for that and dry it right up"...."is it safe to give a baby vit c?"... She stresses me out! My husband is kinda right there with her ..."why wont you give him something?..."

I believe my baby is perfectly fine, and recovering very well on his own. Any thoughts?
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