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D&E was 3/20. Caroline was almost 14wks.

I honestly don't know what I was thinking about when my cycles would start again. I mean, they had to start again at SOME point--right? Well, 1am Wednesday morning--they did.

Now... I should note that we lost Caroline on 3/20 (a Friday) and on 3/23, our former foster daughter (who isn't even 2yo yet) was removed from her mother 1500 miles away. So it was like back-to-back crisis and this one really distracted me from dealing with my loss because between the drama of figuring out what was going on and deciding to fly there to intervene on the case--there was more to think about than our loss... kwim?

But I had planned to fly out Saturday night and fortunately, I have family in that state. Among them was my grandmother (and for all intents and purposes--she was my mother) who was dying. Earlier in the week, my aunt called to say that gram may not make it to see my arrival. She'd stopped eating 3 weeks prior and now stopped taking water or ice chips. She passed 4:30pm Saturday as I left for the airport.

Monday was court and while it wasn't worst-case, it was put in limbo--so not great.

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I got my period.

Boom, boom, boom. And then I had to take another flight home. I cry and panic over flying now. Pre-9/11 I flew easily half the month for work each month. Now? I have kids and I seriously, seriously panic about flying.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I just don't want to have periods anymore.
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