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just read the thread on breastfeeding and ear infections and still have some detailed questions. i am still nursing and also thought my son was ei proof but was i wrong!<br><br>
it started a week ago on Friday with a high fever, runny nose, etc. i thought it was a cold and gave him some homeopathic cold/flu drops. i took him to the doctor on Monday and she diagnosed an ear infection in the left ear. i didn't want to give him antibiotics so i started him on Hylands earache tablets. the next day, we put warm olive oil in his ears and gave him garlic oil orally. his fever was gone by Wednesday and we went back to the doctor for a follow up today.<br><br>
she told me that his left eardrum had ruptured and that his right ear had a lot of fluid. reluctantly i took a perscription for amoxicillin.<br><br>
any suggestions on what i should do next? he seems to be fine, except for at night when his ears bother him. how do i help the ruptured eardrum heal? will the antibiotics help with this? do homeopathic remedies only help at the start of an infection? has anyone had any problems with this antibiotic causing diarrhea, upset stomach, etc?<br><br>
sorry for all the questions, i'm so confused. thank you for reading through this long thread!
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