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Thanks so much for the start of this workshop. By participating I hope to be able to better understand myself, but those I may come in contact w/either online or in person.
But who are you? When you look in the mirror, who stares back at you with eyes full of wonder, mystery, and knowledge?
The first thing I see when I look in the mirror is not an Black Woman, but just a woman. A woman who is still searching for who she really is, because at the age of 38, I'm not always so sure. Growing up I was very shy, and to myself and I lacked any type of self-confidence. Now that I am a mother I see a stronger, confident woman. I see a caring woman as well.

If you had to describe yourself, what community, race, or cultural terms would you use for yourself?
When other people or institutions in the community describe you, what racial terms do they give for the complexity of your lived experience?
Do you use the same descriptions as others? If not, why do you think there are differences?

I would describe myself as black. Sadly, I don't know anything about my ancestors past my great-grandmother on my mother's side. No one in my family have ever traced them and I also I do not have the same father as my older siblings, and never got to know my real father nor has my mother ever offered information. I would also rather be called a Black American rather than African American although that is the politically correct term and I know more than likely that I have ancestors in Africa, and one day I would like to go there. I just don't feel a strong connection there. I also don't have a lot of life experience. I am a pretty plain jane, small town kind of person. I've lived in the same town all my life, and my dd even goes to the same elementary school that I did. Most of my "adventures" I find in books. I love reading diffferent things, especially about slavery and how it was overcome.
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