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When I look in the mirror I see a dark brown haired, blue-grey eyed woman who's full of curiosity and who likes to see the glass half full.
I am a person of mixed European descent: Scotch-Irish, English, German, Dutch. I suppose I would describe myself as 'white'.
But I don't really identify with any particular group, community or culture.
I grew up in a place where whites were not the majority nor the minority, but just another group of people trying to make a living. I always felt myself as lacking a sense of community and special traditions that belonged to me or my heritage. My family and ancestors have been in the United States for several generations and have long since cut any cultural or language ties to any European group.
I have been living outside the US, in Europe, for the past twelve years. But I don't feel any cultural connection to any European place, and am an outsider in my native America as well.
I don't know what specific term someone would give to my lived experience, but it would probably be 'immigrant'.
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