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Most other people would describe me as an average looking white woman. Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary where I live, I'm just another face. As far as cultural background, I have a variety: Irish, Swedish, Scotch Irish, Russian, English, Native American, among others. Culturally I don't really know much about my ancestral background nor do I take part in traditions that are part of my blood heritage. Which ones would I pick? I have given birth to two wonderful children even more culturally diverse than myself, which holds questions for me. How do I bring my children up to appreciate race and culture? Which ones do we celebrate? How can we be sensitive to others?

Basically I associate with being a typical North American. Part of the melting pot. I've done things pretty much the way I'm "supposed" to most of my life. The descriptions that others use to describe me would most likely be fairly accurate and unoffensive to me.
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