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I would call myself "racially" Jewish. I havn't kept up with the Jewish community, but I will always consider myself to be a member of the Jewish people. My family origins are from Eastern Europe, so I also consider myself "racially" white. And I was part of a Freckle Fan club in middle school, 'cause yup, I got them too!

I've lived on several continents (Europe, Africa, N. Am), and for many years really lost touch with my racial identity. I was sometimes part of a dominant culture, and sometimes part of a minority culture, based on skin tone, but because I was a visiting resident I really gave up my identity as anything other than me - interested student of life.

I think when I check "caucasian" on paperwork, I'm ok with that. I do consider myself "white", especially living in a more urban environment where the racial lines are fairly clear.
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