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I'am Mother.
I'am Wife.
I'am Sister.
I'am Daughter.
I'am granddaughter, neice, grandneice, counsin, second cousin etc.,

I'm from seven cultures and nations but the entire family regonizes only one and tends to simply ignore the others out of a mistaken ideal that race, ethicity, and history should be ignored if it is saddening, painful, or ignorant. The only way I know I'm of seven heritages is by becoming rude, questioning, and blindly oblivious to the social ties that keep such crude topics under the shadows of self.

I suppose I'm white but I hate america chooseing to label races and cultures into sections. I'm not white..., I'm decended from seven nations in less then 2 generations. Pretty big, asking people to drop all thier heritage into one bucket if they are multiple. Besides, people from three nations who are from japan, africa, and south america can proudly claim all, so why not the seven of mine? they are all seperate nations too.
I grew up in New Orleans, I never noticed racism was actually something that caused a stir until my best friend told me I knew nothing about style and clothes at age 10 and I said why should I since I was a kid and she hollered because I was white and was lucky and she hated me and ran out of the house. For me it was a painful shock, she implied I was not good enough and that I was a lousy friend over clothes, I all I ever did was worship her hop scotch skills, and her ability to read faster and that she was taller then me. I did not know she had kids treat her badly because I was homeschooled and she wasn't. I never knew kids could scream nasty dirty slurs and be so cruel. I never knew she was jealous of my skin...something I had no control over!
I had lived in Burbank L.A. for two years then and felt so stunned I cried to my mother about her remarks.

My family is Irsh, polish, english, swede, german, french, scottish. Until a few years ago I thought I was 90 % irish but turns out I'm a good deal less! Hubbby is actually definete 80% german and can claim the country as his if he wants dual citizenship (another race story about him and hiding his race while he was in the states from others due to the attacks about the history his family had nothing to do with) so he is as close to one race as I know of !

Oddly enough all the time overseas I was stunned by people of all cultures constantly asking me my lineage, not race. "Are you scottish or irish, your skin tone and heart face seem Irish but you speak better!" " you are not german like your husband?" " You could be polish, you have the build of a polish woman." " Swede and french in your blood? it is not showing you're nothing like a swede nor are you french! my god you cannot be american!! no, you are far too polite with such decent manners, no attitude!" All the time! One of my best friends was surprised they always asked if she was spanish, italain, or south american and they were just as pointed about feature, build, and trace ancestry.

I wish I could say my ancestry was better tracked but all of my generational linage is poor and they kept thier records badly on purpose to make a better life in the "land of the free" second generation born on American soil is the best way I know myself if in the context of a racial point or ancestral point.
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