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wow, I've never really taken the time to ask myself who I am. It just always seemed selfish when others need my time. Its such a tough question and could take lots of time thinking about it. In the general since, I am strong Christ follower. I am German American. I was raised by my mother who was very poor but came from a wealthy family. My family is in the process of moving (for work) into an incarnation ministry (intentional community) in a very poor, urban area. We want to bring justice, healing, love and heaven with us.

I truly hope nobody has ever looked at me as a "nazi" German. My family wasn't apart of that party. They came just before WW1 around 1910. If looking at me, you can tell im German but an average American citizen wouldn't be able to tell. I usually don't describe myself as any race. Im more into describing myself by how I feel. My faith plays a big part in describing myself.
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