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I have not read all the posts yet but the ones I have gotten through are quite interesting. (And I thought I was the interesting mix...:LOL

I am Black american. I would say African, but I have not been to Africa and really do not relate to African culture yet.....maybe some day. I lived as a Black American in this country even though I am "biracial". I also look biracial as well. Many people do not view me as Black american to first look at me, but they do know as soon as they talk to me. Not that I "try" or anything, it just is obvious.

When I look in the mirror that is what I see as well, and I enjoy my culture even though we have many challenges in this country. My favorite rock artist was James Brown because he made the song "I'm Black and I'm Proud".

With this in mind, I have always loved other cultures as well. I even pick up languages of other cultures and practice languages for the heck of it. Some of these cultures clash with black americans, but unfortunately, many do. There is a serious division and misunderstanding among many of the various cultures with blacks and it hurts me so to see this.

I hope in the near future I can form a multicultural alliance with Asian, Hispanic, and European and even Mideastern communities to understand the cross cultural alliance with the black community. We have had many bitter disputes.

I was raised in a city with many cultures: Italian, Irish, German, Hispanic (many variations of Spanish speaking countries), Polish,Asian communities, blacks from other countries, etc., etc. There are so many flowers of people in the world and I hate to miss out.

Due to my loyalty to the black plights in this country it has limited me somewhat by creating suspicion among people who do not trust black americans due to insufficient information.
I am also fascinated with the old religions practiced. However, that is an altogether different issue than race.

I had many advantages by being open, honest and forthright with everybody. I also paid a high price for standing up for justice.
I am not in a profession that advocates race is not the area of expertise in race relations....therefore I avoided many areas I should have addressed. However, I still remain open and try not to be discouraged.

Many racial tensions are very deep rooted and I have been involved in them. There is still quite a bit of healing to be done.
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