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Who am I? However glib the answer might sound, first and foremost, I am me.

That of course, leads to an analysis of what makes me.

The answer to that will vary depending on which information I choose to divulge, and the information comes from varying sources, but that's all okay.

But enough of that.

I am Australian. Frome my mother's line, I have a long line of almost total anglo-celtic descent, and I most physically resemble that half of my family. So I have fair skin, and dark eyes and hair.

It's on my father's side of the family that things get *interesting*. For my father is of Australian aboriginal descent, and while we can't be sure of the exact details of his birth, due to an adoption that was at best expedited, and at worst illegal, from what we can piece together, he was a part of the stolen generations. This makes it impossible to be fully sure of just who his parents might be.

This not knowing is possibly harder on my sister then it is on me, for she does resemble my father's side of the family, and is as dark as I am fair. I can't begin to imagine what it would have been like growing up being tormented about the colour of her skin, and having it assumed that she wasn't truly a part of her own family, simply due to the colour of her skin.

My connection to the stolen generation continues into my daughter's family, which of course is mine, with additions. Again, her father was adopted, but statistically, I know that the chances of her father not being a part of the stolen generations is not likely, but we now have no contact with him, so exploring her family history is not something I can do at this time.

But leaving that all behind, I am Kate, a Murri woman, a Scottish woman, an Australian woman.
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