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I am JamalColleen.

Gender: I am female. Religion: I am a Covenanter/Reformed Christian.

Culturally: I'm an Adult Third Culture Kid. I didn't grow up in any one place and part of that time was spent outside the continental US. I was the minority then. It didn't matter. We were all kind and in equals in that we all wore the same uniform to school. I didn't have the family connections the others had, but I learned from listening. Once back in the states, my closest friends were black. As an adult, my friends vary of all ethniticities and nationalities. I was called the "N" word by my stepfather simply because I had a southern accent as a father's family is from Georgia and the Carolinas, and I was born in Charleston. I was forced into every speech class imaginable and learned to speak with a "non-accent". As an adult I can pick up several accents depending upon whom I am speaking with. My home is where I choose to live.

I'm a lover of books and culture. Country living close to cities provide me the best of both worlds. I want the ocean and the mountains within reach.

Ethnically: I despise the check your ethniticity box...mine isn't on there. I'm supposedly "caucasian". I believe mankind started in the middle east and all mankind is related...I consider myself "Adamic"

To most ppl...
I'm the white girl named Jamal.
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