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But who are you? When you look in the mirror, who stares back at you with eyes full of wonder, mystery, and knowledge?

I am a woman. I am a feminist. I am a daughter, sister and wife. Soon, I'll be a mother. When I look in the mirror I see an "average" American. I'm white with brown hair and green eyes. I am of "average" height and weight.
I often see people who look like me represented in the media.

If you had to describe yourself, what community, race, or cultural terms would you use for yourself?
I am white. Ethnically, I identify as Irish Catholic.

When other people or institutions in the community describe you, what racial terms do they give for the complexity of your lived experience?
Because I am white and whiteness is dominant in our society, I am seen as part of the "norm". Because I am white and because my family members have been able to assimilate into dominant society, I have been given many privileges.

Do you use the same descriptions as others? If not, why do you think there are differences?
It takes conscious effort and thought to not slip into the dominant thought process that "white" equates "normalcy" and "average". I think it is important to acknowledge all of the privileges that come with "whiteness" and the fact that privileges come from the exploitation and domination of others. I think that it takes a lot of work to acknowledge white privilege and that many people are not willing to do that work.
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