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If I had to describe myself....this is harder than I thought. I am afraid my answer isn't very inspired, and it was harder to be accurate than I thought.

I am a part of few communities, used to be part of the theatre community, I am currently a part of online communities. Community is a concept I don't really see existing much anymore, so I have a hard time labeling myself as part of a community.

Racially, I see myself as caucasian. Primarily of European descent, fairly plain. As a US Citizen, I am one of many who claim Irish descent. Certainly not special. "White bread" as some would call it.

Cultural terms? Also hard for me. It has been drummed into my head that white Americans of European descent really have no culture. And truthfully I don't. I call myself Jewish, but I am not observant, it is merely how I was raised. I know the stories, some of the language, and some of the religion. I call myself Jewish out of habit as much as anything. I have no family traditions, no real cultural ties, no historical ties. Culturally, I exist in the here and now, as me, as a part of my immediate family. That sounds sad.

As far as other people describing me - the box checked on official forms is always "White/Caucasian." I am pretty sure that is the only institutional description there is for me, and the only one that would be recognized. If others described me racially, white is the extent of the description. I use that to describe myself as well.

Does white describe who I am? The "complexity of my lived experience"? No. But labels seldom do. A pencil can be many things: yellow, soft lead, hard lead, round, hexagonal, mechanical, with an eraser....but all of those things are recognizable as a pencil. Labels are useful to categorize things, to make sense of things, but not as total descriptors.

I don't describe myself often beyond the general. White, brown hair, blue eyes, 5'8" tall, female. Occasionally I add things like mama, knitter, artist, stage manager, wife. In describing myself I use objective terms that are merely adjectives or labels for what I do.

Ah, my first edit.

I wanted to add that my ability to *just* be white is a luxury. A luxury granted because I am white, because I never really had to think about it. My failure to describe myself comes not from a place of not caring, or not knowing, but from the fact that I was never called upon to do so to satisfy someone else. I was secure in being white, and never had that called into question. My identity as female has caused me slightly more problems as I was always a little too much of something for a girl...too tall, too rowdy, too loud, too good at using tools.
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