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I don't know what my own "original" cultural background is specifically. My ancestors most likely come from western Europe. I have asked my mother, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother but they are not sure what country(ies) our ancestors orginally came from. They believe it is most likely France and/or Germany. Based on our medium skin (we don't burn easily), brown hair, and brown eyes, I am pretty sure we are not Scandanavian or Irish. My ds has these characteristics. My dd is fair and blue-eyed like my dh, who also is not sure which country(ies) his ancestors came from. His father is adopted.

I did not know my biological father until I was 19 and I am not in touch with him. My adoptive father is British and I do identify with that culture somewhat.

Even if I knew the exact countries of origin of my mother's ancestors, that wouldn't tell who I am though! I am Caucasian, from a small rural town. For some reason my family does not have the "accent" of many in that town and I am not sure why, given that I am the first person in my family to move out of that town in at least 100 years (I don't know before that).

In my hometown growing up, almost everyone was white. I remember one African American boy from first grade. I don't know if I remember him because we shared a table and he kissed me in class one day
or because he was the only African American child in my school. Probably both! There was only one Asian child in my elementary school and I don't remember any Hispanic children.

I bring up the previous paragraph because I currently live in the middle of suburbia, in one of the most culturally diverse areas of the United States. What a change from my upbringing! I have to say I have a few Asian friends but all of my other friends are Caucasian. I have not thought much about this until I typed it. So obviously I am anxious to learn more.

Oh, and I am a Christian and lean toward the liberal side but have some conservative beliefs.
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