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Well, where to start with this one. Let me first mention that while I do recognize my genetic heratige, I am more of a nurture over nature person.

This is beacause my stepdad, whom I recognize as my only father figure is Sicillian/Scottish. He was there and his culture dominated the houshold. So when people ask me I tell them I am Sicillian Irish(my mother is French Irish).

But-genetically I am French/Irish. I speak very little french anymore but my biological father is French/Canadian(his family is all French and moved to Canada in the 1920's I believe), and my Mother is French/Irish. So that I guess would make me genetically French/Irish.

As far as communities, I am Catholic but dont go to church anymore. I had a run in with The Almighty a few years ago and I am trying to find my way back into the faith, is the simplest way to put it

I am apart of the mothering community I could say. I am now a mother for the first time after 6 tries which to me is very special. I am apart of my local LLL community. I am also an active advocate for the March of Dimes. I am a preemie mom, which could also put me in another community I suppose. I am not one to desigante groups, but that is my take.

I am to me just a mom, loving woman, daughter, and whole-hearted person to the world.

I had a run in with my birth father which has brought me to question a lot of things in my life. I still tell people that I am "Sicillian/Irish" because my stepdad is the ONLY one I recognize as a father figure, there for I am truly proud to recognize his heratige and culture. I am also proud of my Irish Heratige.

When I look in the mirror, I am a pale, white skinned, green eyed, dark haired beautiful woman.
Some days I dont feel so beautiful, but I know deep inside the path I took, and the choices I made; made me who I am today, not where my ancestors came from.

I think to me that is how I view myself.
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