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In the mirror, my skin is white. I'm light skinned. I can see the native eyes & Latina lips, but outside a largely Latino community it's hidden. Most people don't see it. It's even more hidden by my hijab (Islamic head covering). Now instead of being native eyes, they're Arab eyes, Iranian eyes, or anything Eastern. I think it some what removes me from my Latino community. I call myself Latina because that's the term I feel most comfortable with. In reality I'm a mixture of native and Spanish. The native is now forgotten and the only thing really remembered by others is the Spanish part. Latinos are a mixture of white, black, native..though sometimes the end result is a little lighter or darker in certain communities. Although my mother is white caucasian American, I have never been labeled that by anyone other then black (African-American or African). Since my father is from El Salvador, I'm Hispanic or Latino. When a white person marries a darker person or a person from another group, it seems like it's always the non-white term that is used. That's okay with me though.

In short it's kindda like this…
White people tend to call me Hispanic unless they mistake my scarf for a sign that says I'm Middle Eastern.
Black people tend to call me White.
Hispanic people call me Hispanic unless they assume I'm white.
The government calls me Hispanic.
In America, I'm Salvadorian.
In El Salvador, I'm American.

I really just want to be acknowledged for all that I am, not labled to be fit people's assumptions.
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