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Ok. Racially I'm Scotch-Irish. My mom says it's better proper to say "Scottish-Irish decent" but it's shorter and easier my way. (^_^)
That means I'm "white", though I like better "caucasian" because it's more accurate. Even the folks in India are scientifically "caucasian" and when that argument was proven when Indians were fighting for equal rights in America the classification was changed to "white" which they certainly aren't, so no equal rights. So I don't like the term "white" because of that little story! I saw that on National Geographic....

Being labeled "white" is seen as having a certain advantage sometimes. But I don't really see it. In Austin I was a minority in a predominately "black" school so it was hard. I learned never to look someone in the eye, never to point across a room, and never to wear red. Because always I would be punished for my insolence, how dare I act better than them? Cause I'm white??? I never cared for racial differences, not even then. My race was made painfully obvious, I was constantly reminded that I and them are different and can't mix or get along. I desperately wished to be seen as equal to them, to fit in, to be accepted. I wished race would disappear! Here in a small town in the mid-west it's just the opposite. There's a truck that drives around with a KKK flag on the back (I really hate that truck) and black people are treated differently, like they aren't as good as white folks. The black stereo-type is seen as fact, "They all have guns and drugs." I seriously heard a lady say that yesterday!

So to me, race and skin color defines you based on where you are, not solely on the color of your skin. Because where I've been, it's not race=cultural differences and heritage, it's race=social and economic placement. And no matter if it puts you on the top, or the bottom, I think it's wrong.
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