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How interesting its been to read through these replies. I started to think, wow, I'm boring.
But I'll give it a shot.

But who are you? When you look in the mirror, who stares back at you with eyes full of wonder, mystery, and knowledge? If you had to describe yourself, what community, race, or cultural terms would you use for yourself? When other people or institutions in the community describe you, what racial terms do they give for the complexity of your lived experience? Do you use the same descriptions as others? If not, why do you think there are differences?

I am the me I never thought I'd be. I imagined, as a child, someone so different....not this woman, this struggle, this life.

Physically I see a 33 year old woman, pregnant again, bulging belly. I see a natural red head, fair skinned, dark eyed, freckled. Not beautiful by America's standards, but not ugly. I see plain old white bred, not feeling much connection to the Chezch, German, Irish blood lines I guess I have. I see "lost in American".

I see a strong woman, weathered by poor life choices and their consequences. I see a sad woman, a lonely woman even surrounded by all these children, a mother of six, soon to be seven. A single mother, not by choice, but by circumstance. I see a woman who has been effected by the murder of a partner, the imprisonment of the childrens father, and the outcasting of a family. But I also see a strong independent homebirthing mama. A woman who supports her children by working on cars and baking cakes.

I see the faded white mother of black/biracial children, left out and left behind. I see a woman who doesn't fit anywhere really but gets by seeing her children fit in their community happily! I see myself sort of left behind by the white community and picked up, mostly reluctantly and very cautiously, by the black community.

I see me and sometimes, I am not so sure I like me.
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