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Interesting questions.
Because of conditions surrounding my adoption, I don't know my racial make up. People have guessed that I may be of middle eastern or latin decent. I can't tell them if they are correct or not. Whenever I'm asked to choose a race on forms or documents, I check other.
Because of my darker skin and less than straight hair, I suspect that at least one of my biological parents was a person of color or bi-racial. I think of myself as a chameleon. I can "pass" just enough to employ "white privelage". I can also "pass" just enough to date men of color with no overt criticisms.

When I view myself, I see a rejected child. A child that wants to be mothered, cuddled, thought of as special. Someone who was thrown out like yesterdays garbage and forgotten about. I think these feelings stem from my time in foster care and being adopted. That coupled with the fact that many fixate on my racial identity but rarely seem that interested in really getting to know me. Isolating.

It is my belief that the child protection services of the US have a bias against families of color. The department of human resources post stats that don't support the over representation of children of color in thier custody. I believe that this industry acts with a racist attitude towards many families that are not caucasian.
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