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I'm Spaniard, well I was born and raised in Alicante, Valencia, I never knew my biological dad, I was raised with my stepfather, that I call my biological father, I was raised thinking that I was 1/2 Spaniard 1/2 Jordanian, until my mother told me that, my father is Basque, so that makes me 100% Spaniard.
I don't know if I'm caucasian, becuase I don't feel caucasian and I don't look caucasian, becuase of my appearance I was called a Mora(Moor), but I'm Spaniard and spaniards are suppose to be Caucasian or I'm a Latin.
I'm short just standing 5'2 1/2 with olive skin, curly dark hair and hazel eyes, I'm thin, I've always been, I just weight 95 lbs, your stereotypical, Mediterranean girl, I'm called, well, that what I am, I guess.
I'm called Italian in my own country, I'm called Portuguese in Italy, I'm called Brazilian in Portugal, I'm called Mexican in America, and I'm called Gachupina in Mexico(that's how I've been refered to, they never think I'm Spaniard, just in Mexico and becuase of the way I speak)

Well, I grew up middle class, the oldest of 5 siblings, I have sister(born June 16,1994) a younger brother(born September 1, 1997) a sister(December 14, 1999) and the surprise baby my youngest brother(January 15, 2001) and actually they're my half siblings, as I said before I never knew my father, but I consider them my all blood siblings.

Back to race of course, I married, a Nordic, totally, of Danish and Swedish ancestry, born in Denmark, raised in Argentina(ages 2-11) Sweden(11-18) and America, My daughters, look mixed, they have olive skin, platinium blonde hair(that DH used to have) and green piercing eyes, many people think, I dye their hair, because they say "They have dark skin, they can't have that hair" and things like that. My last name is Arenas, spaniard no doubt, my DH's surname is Rasmussen, again, Dane no doubt. Strange mixture of names some say.
In Denmark I get compliments about how pretty I look all the time, I think they just say that, becuase I'm different from them.
So that's me, this workshop seem so good, I can't wait for more.

I just want to add, this:
Today I was looking at myself in the mirror and I saw.
I small petite girl, young looking as being estimated with 17 to 19 years even though I'm actually 23 years old, with long and dark curly hair, hazelish/greenish eyes, some minor bags under my eyes, full lips, a small but very stylized nose, and then I realized that I'm not the ugliest kid and woman that I thought I was years before, I look at my body, I have small breasts, flat belly due to a lot of dancing and exercise since I was very young, I love my body, I've never liked it so much before, I see a woman that is happy, very happy, with a loving husband and 3 beautiful girls, including my step daughter.
But then I look at myself, a Gitana, simply that, I was born inside the Gypsie community and Spain as my ancestors immigrated to Spain thousands years ago and have remained here, I was raised out the Gypsie community, but my grandmother thought me somethings about it, I also see the little girl that used to go out in weekends with her cousins to dance so people would give us money, that was the typical life of a middle class child in Spain around the early 90's late 80's
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