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It's funny, I don't actually define myself by a race. It's never been something I actually thought about before. Maybe that's because I'm white, and it's not really been a huge issue for me. I identify myself as Canadian primarily, but check the box that says white/caucasian. I am a first generation Canadian, and proud of it!

Other people/institutions would identify me as white/caucasian. It seems to be a general consensus that white = no discernable culture/heritage. I remember very distinctly being 17 years old in a French language program. We had a multi-cultural night, and students of visible minorities and those with non-English last names were asked to present something from their culture. I had an English last name, so I wasn't asked to share anything. Does that mean I don't have a culture/heritage worth celebrating at multi-cultural celebrations or was it just a harmless oversight? I don't really know the answer to that, but I do remember it not feeling right to me somehow, and yet I said nothing about it.
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