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Well, I have a three and a half year old as well as a 6-month old. This idea would not have worked as well without an older sibling and a few more years to generate more photos and shared memories, but maybe you can file it away for another year..... I got a small spiral-bound journal and we made an "I Love My Daddy Because..." book. I copied a whole bunch of photos of the kids with their daddy (using the 'kodak picture maker" at WalMart - you can do 6 3X4 photos per page, it ends up being pretty economical) and I glued the photos in the journal, each page with a few photos that had a shared theme (helping dad work; being carried by dad; dad teaching new skills, etc) and on each page I wrote, "I love my daddy because..." and finished it with a statement that related to the photos. For example, "I love my daddy because...he teaches me how to do things all by myself." "I love my daddy because...he keeps me close and safe"...etc - ending with "I love my daddy because...he loves me!" and huggy, kissy photos and one from each child's birth. I can't wait to give it to him!
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