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First fertility signs while bf?

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Can someone remind me what the signs are for your first ovulation while breastfeeding? With ds I didn't have it until he was about 15 months. Now with dd, she is 10 months, but I have been feeling "in the mood" more (with ds it wasn't until after a year!), and I am starting to get some yellowish discharge. She is still nursing 2-3 times a night and on demand.

Also, it took me about a year to concieve dd while I was nursing my son! We started when he was two years old. I did get pg while we were still nursing, but he was close to weaning at that point.

I don't have an appt to get birth control until the end of July. We are done having kids so I don't want to get pg again. Should I start being really careful?
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Change in mucus discharge and libido are both signs of returning fertility. So yes, I would be really careful if you are not actively trying to conceive. After a while, if there is no change in your mucus, you can cautiously consider yourself "infertile" but when you notice a *change* is when you need to have your warning light on...
Signs of returning fertility include a change in mucus, change in libido, a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, sometimes you get a warning period (but not always- I ovulated before my first period)
take care
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