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First fluff in 2-3 months arrived today!!!

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: I got fluff today! It's been SO long (like 2 or 3 months, and even then it was just a dozen plain prefolds). It's been 4 or 5 months since I got anything FUN! Here's what I got:

I decided to try a bellabottoms onesize fitted from ebay, in her bug print. It's very cute and looks like it's well-made. She included 2 wipes with it too.
I think my boys will probably need a doubler with it, but now that I think about it, I realized that when I bought it, based on the description of how many layers it has, etc.

I also got 2 fitted diapers from One has the cutest woven outer that is yellow with tomatoes. It was instock and discounted because of a "wonky tab" but it's BARELY wonky. It's perfect otherwise. I also had a "basic" diaper made- the basics are all flannel. I got the strawberry-kiwi fabric for the outer. SO CUTE! These diapers look like they are very well-made too. There's also options to get diapers made with "better" fabrics, not just flannel, and they are very reasonably priced as well. Definitely check it out if you are looking for something like that.

Can't wait to put these on my boys!!!!!!
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YAYYY for new fluff!!!
I got fluff for hte first time in months too. what fun is that.!!
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