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First high fever need suggestions...

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Elle (15 months) woke up this morning with a very bad head cold and a slight fever. Well, her fever is now 102.9 and I gave her a fever reducer supository (she is allergic to oral reducers). So my question is do I let her go more than the 4 hours recommended to see if the fever goes that high again or do I just keep medicating her for today and see if it is gone tomorrow? I have never given her a reducer before for a fever because her temp has never gone over 101.5. I know it is important to let a fever run it's course to kill off the infection/virus so is giving her a reducer doing more harm than good? I would really appreciate any suggestions!!

I just wanted to add that she is in good spirits and playing normally
She does not seem to be letting the fever or the cold get her down
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Allegedly fever reducers help the symptoms without stopping the good that fevers do. Not sure how to be honest but that's what I've read. I try to only give them when the fever is high and she is uncomfortable. Since this is the first one she's had you might want to call your ped. Although since she's happy and playing I'd probably give it 24 hours and see where she is. If you have to keep giving her fever reducer during that time to keep her happy and playing, I would definitely call.
my dd gets very high fevers in the range of 104-105. if she is being lethargic and not nursing I alternate motrin and tylenol every 2 hours. if she is behaving normally, which amazingly given the high fevers is the norm, i give her motrin every 4-6 hours. initially we were worried about sezures b/c i had them associated with high fevers as a child. she is now 2.5 and has never had one so her doc thinks it is very unlikely now.

The one time DS got a very high and sudden fever, I used a homeopathic remedy with great results. We have the Hylands Kids Kit, which comes with about 6 different commonly used remedies for common kid ailments and a great little easy-to-use-in-an-emergency booklet. I ended up using the Belladonna 30c dose, 3 tablets every 15 minutes until the fever broke (if I remember correctly), and then less frequently until he returned to a less feverish condition.

This was the single most effective homeopathic usage I have ever experienced. It was a scary fast fever and the remedy took effect noticeably. At the time it happened we were in a very remote region with absolutely no chance of getting to an emergency room let alone a doctor. A few days later we went to the pediatrician who diagnosed an outer ear infection, perhaps caused by moisture in the ear. At that point he gave us a topical medicine but the fever was long gone.

The great thing about homeopathics is that they work with the child's body to help it actually heal faster rather than just masking the symptom. Plus they are safe and cannot harm the child. It is a whole different modality than standard medicine but I have had some very good results with it.
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