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It was pretty non eventful and I feel like I should have prepared more for it. The only thing was that I had talked to her on the phone at length twice already so there wasn't too much more to say.
First impression? She didn't look a thing like I thought she would, isn't that silly of me? lol...
Other than that she took a history, listened to the babe, felt around just a bit and that was pretty much it.
We talked a lot about the hospital I birthed at prior (Mercy in Baltimore) and she said it tickles her to get a Mercy recruit every once in a while
~ I think it's funny too.
This hands off/laid back approach does take getting used to; it doesn't seem real, it seems pretty SURREAL and I'm hoping I get over it so when the birth comes it will be like it's really happening. I don't know if that makes any sense or not. I know when you have a baby it's surreal anyway, but I don't want it to seem like I'm going to wake up and it hadn't happened. It's hard to explain the way I feel about all of this. I want a home birth more than anything, but stepping away from the mainstream after dealing with it full on is kind of weird. It's a huge relief but it's weird.
I also felt badly after she left; I thought she would bring up her fees and how we planned to pay, etc. We talked about on the phone how I should sit down with dh and figure out what we could afford and how we could pay it, etc. She didn't mention it at all. I had my checkbook ready and everything and she just didn't bring it up. As horrible as it sounds I'm almost glad because I'd have to use my overdraft (even though I was prepared to)

When I see her in a few weeks I'll definitely give her SOMETHING. I'd hate to drive all over God's creation without a guarantee of something, kwim?
Anyway, I asked her about an u/s and she said that she can't write orders but gave me the name of another midwive whom she works with in that respect and that she'd write an order for me. I still haven't heard from NIH regarding that study, but I will probably call them on Monday and find out if I can participate in it, then call the other midwife for an order.
Oh yeah I have a UTI also! I had no idea. Leuks and a little blood in the 'ol pee so I broke out my cranberry tablets that I bought a while back when I had a uti. I'd imagine that if I had been to the ob I'd have a script in my hand for antibiotics right now. Muhhahahaa....
Anyway that's about it! I'm going to take a nap and then enjoy xmas eve.
Take care ladies,
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