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Man, I feel kind of bad! SMIL used cloth on her own child back in the 1970's but she has only ever used disposables with her other grandchildren, and she has been really nice about keeping an open mind with my cloth diapered baby but I know she thinks sposies are easier.

I left her with flats that I had doubled up and pre-folded into pads, and wrap-style covers of several different brands. That was all. I wanted to keep it simple and I figured it would be easier to say "just add an extra one for overnight" than to leave her with a complex system.

Evidently last night there were TWO giant poop disasters....I don't know what it is! She pooped four times the day before yesterday and had already pooped twice yesterday when I left her! She used to poop only once a day; I don't know what is going on! Anyway, they were running out of covers so SMIL had to do a load of diaper laundry. Then this morning they got up early to go out, and a particular cover whose brand name I shall not mention
: leaked around the legs so bad that by the time they got to their destination, dd's pants were soaked. SIL blamed it on SMIL's lack of diapering ability, but it was that stupid cover! They changed her into a better cover and a T-shirt and that solved the problem ("We like this cover soooo much better") but I just feel awful that they probably think cloth is hard to use and leaky.

They were nice about it, and I told them I would evict that particular cover from the stash, and I know poop disasters and leaks happen with disposables too, but I just feel like I was a cloth diapering proselytizing failure today.
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