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First night in wool!

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Well, dd is in bed in a wool cover for the first time ever!!! I am really crossing my fingers that it will hold up! I am soooo on the wagon I can't buy any wool until I can maybe sneak something in next month so I went through my closet and found a sweater I could bear to part with and made her up a butt sweater. It has been working well during the day so I figured it was time we gave the night a go. Wish us luck!!
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Good Luck, mama! We do wool everynight and its the ONLY thing that keeps our jammies and sheets dry.

Give us a report tomorrow!!
This was the only thing that solved our night time leaks, Good Luck & be careful! Once you find out how great it reallly does work, you'll quickly become addicted.
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Awesome!! Dry sheets and dry jammies vibes sent your way.
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Good luck! Hope it works as well for you as it does for us
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DD woke up this morning with a very wet diaper but everything else was dry!!!
How awesome is that!! She was in the diaper 12 hours and I even had put in one less doubler last night. (
for Muttaqin with an extra snap in soaker and one doubler!) So now I need to get knitting and checking out the local thrift stores for potential bum sweaters!
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That's awesome, Melissa!!
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