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First official midwife appointment

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Well, I just made my first official appointment with a midwife. We had an interview with a woman last week who was very, very nice, and I felt so extremely comfortable with. I called her today to make my first appointment. I've been to the doctor, but we just recently decided to do homebirth a couple weeks ago. When we interviewed, we found out that they are not lisenced to attend homebirth in my city/state, so we'll have to travel to the birthing center across the river from us. I don't mind that at all though because the rooms there are absolutely beautiful and peaceful. When I called her to set up my appointment, she was really happy to hear from me.

Okay, I'm done rambling; I'm just really excited to go in for my first appointment. I'll be making my appointment for my ultrasound on Monday too I think. My mom said she'd be paying for it, and if she's not able to, my sister said she would. Either way, I'll be doing that around the end of the month.
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oh yay, diana! i'm so happy that you found the right match! (is it Laura from Alma? my best friend is using them, too, and loves Laura.)

Thanks Claudia. Yes, it is Laura. The funny thing is, one of the reasons I called her was because of her last name. It's the same as ours, and spelled exactly the same. My dh took that as a sign that this was the route we were meant to take this time around. Laura is such a wonderful woman, and I have only met her the one time. How far along is your friend? I'm just so excited, and I really appreciate you for turning me onto this path. I would have never thought of going to Portland if you hadn't suggested it! (((((HUGS)))))
Glad that you found someone you're so happy with, Diprincess! And coming over to Portland seems like a great solution for you, not far from Vancouver. ;-)
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