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first PPAF... this seems really soon.

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I just got my first PP period last week at 12 weeks PP. I am exclusively bf my son. Is this normal?

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Well it happened to me, I got a mini-AF at 3 months and full blown AF at 4 months. And still managed to grow an almost 20lb six month old on bm exclusively. Stupid hormones!

Are you getting a supply dip? I did and I freaked out. I followed KellyMom's rec to take calcium/magnesium, now I don't notice a dip at all.
It sounds normal for you
! I have had quite a few friends who have exclusively nursed and had their cycles resume around month 3 or 4. Major bummer, but not abnormal
. Are you using a pacifier and/or does he go long stretches at night (or during the day)? Sometimes both those things can cause an earlier resumption of cycles or that's just how your body works. It doesn't necessarily mean an immediate return to fertility, but I'd be aware of the possibility!
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Originally Posted by JaneS
And still managed to grow an almost 20lb six month old on bm exclusively. Stupid hormones!
Well, my 12 week old is 18 pounds so I guess I'm doing ok!

I haven't noticed a dip in my supply. I have also started taking the mini pill so I will be watching for that!

We haven't used a pacifier or bottle at all. He does go some maybe 4 hour strectches some times. Oh well, I just wanted to make sure. I see someone else posted almost the exact same question!

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With my first baby I got AF back 2 months pp. It came back every 28 days after that, right on time.

My second baby is 10 months old and I still haven't gotten AF back yet.
I got my first one exactly 2 weeks after my PP bleeding stopped. It's been every 29 days since. My DD is a boob a holic.. didn't seem to make a bit of difference
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Do your babies sleep longer than 6 to 8 hours a night? I have heard this will cause those horomones to come back quicker.
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