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First REAL laugh

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Ok, so Avery has been kinda giggling for a couple of weeks now, but tonight he let out his first REAL laugh. You know, the one that sounds like it is coming from his whole body? We were dancing around the house making up silly songs, and I was swinging him in my arms, and he started laughing at me, so, needless to say, my back is killing me and my arms feel like they might fall off, because how do you stop when it is making the baby laugh? That is the sweetest sound in the world, and I so needed that pick me up. I feel so much better about life in general after listening to him laugh until we both ran out of energy and he fell asleep nursing. It is amazing how that little laugh can make it all worth it. I just wanted to share that.
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Congratulations to Avery!
You made me remeber when my dd laughed for the first time few months ago, was like having a piece of Heaven in front of me, the most wonderful sound in the world, I felt so blessed of being able to make her happy and have enough fun to laugh. I still sleep every night with that first laugh in my mind.
Now will come many more... Enjoy it!!
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I think a baby's laugh is the very best sound in the whole world!
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