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first solids suggestions?

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dd is 7 1/2 months and we have decided she seems about ready to start solids. She can sit up, she is VERY interested, etc....anyway, with ds he never really went fot rice cereal or any cereals no matter how I tried, and we went on to fruit and veggies and it all turned out fine. I am wondering if I should even bother with cereals or just skip them and start with sweet potatoes or something like that? I am also thinking that this time I am going to make all our food and not buy any unless we are traveling...any tips or stories to share about first foods?

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I think bananas or squash are good starter foods. They mash up well and are fairly sweet like your milk.

I'd skipped the cereals, or at least delayed them. I typically have used the cereal to thicken some of the premade foods since ds prefers the thicker stuff.
We did banana first with both boys. Then followed with avocado, sweet potato, oatmeal (though #2 never liked avocado unless it's in something spicy like guacamole
). We did add some organic whole grain brown rice cereal too, but it wasn't the first food. The only brand I personally found palatable is made by Healthy Times. I wouldn't feed them anything that I thought tasted disgusting, and most of those cereals I think taste nasty. Non-acidic fruits and veggies are just fine to start with.

- Krista
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My ds never would eat baby cereals or babyfood fruits, so I ended up starting with vegetables - green beans, peas, carrots. I found that sweet potatos bound him up, but I've never heard of anyone else having that problem, so it was probably specific to my kid.

At 2, he is an oatmeal fanatic and won't touch vegetables unless they're covered in gravy, sigh...
For my little man, plain cereal was a no go. So we moved on to veggies then fruits, and he was in solid-eaters Heaven.
I think we started w/squash, then avocado, sweet tators, bananas...
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We haven't started yet, but are planning avocado as our first food
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I agree with the others...avacado is great! My daughter is crazy about that and yellow squash.
I delay cereals as well. They really don't NEED it. I like to use carrots, prunes and sweet potatoes first. Followed by squash, bananas, and apples.
I am also thinking that this time I am going to make all our food and not buy any unless we are traveling...any tips or stories to share about first foods?
You can still make your own food when travelling - foods like banana and avocado don't need cooking or warming, so they are ideal. Some babies will eat other foods served at room temperature too, so if you're planning a trip, try your baby with some unheated food before you go. If she's happy to have them then you can take pre-made food along in a cooler.

A manual baby food mill is also great if you want to make baby food when you're away from home!

One of my baby's favourite foods at first was swede/rutabaga - it purees really well.
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We never gave DD the cereal, and we started with bananas. She also really liked sweet potato, pears, avocado, and carrots.
We did banana, mashed w/ bm, then avocado. However, we quickly realized dd did not care for pureed foods, so we offered whole pieces. With something like avocado, we give her a canoe-shaped piece so she can grasp it easily and gnaw on the end. Works great even w/ no teeth. We also gave dd brown rice - she loved picking up those little pieces - and green beans and peaches as time went on. Now, at 8 mo., she just gets bites from our plates, no special prep needed.

When we are not home for dinner, she just gets whatever is appropriate from my plate. At her age, it's more for exposure to tastes/textures so I don't worry if there is not much for her. There is always plenty of bm!

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