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On January 29th, I had my first baby! She is a sweet little girl named Missy and is the cutest bundle of joy in our lives.

I had such a positive experience that I felt the need to share hoping that other expectant Mom's might have similar experiences.

I feel like there were 4 main factors that created the ideal conditions for a relatively easy and peaceful childbirth:

1. Prenatal Yoga - When I was about 8 weeks pregnant I decided to attend my first prenatal yoga class at Belly Bliss in Denver, CO. As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I wanted to continue my practice but needed to find an atmosphere and community where I felt supported during this new time in my life. I immediately felt at ease at Belly Bliss and enjoyed seeing all the other pregnant moms and hearing about what to they were experiencing at the different points in their pregnancies. I liked Belly Bliss so much that when I heard they were looking for kids yoga teachers, I jumped at the opportunity to serve their community. Prenatal yoga helped to prepare my body physically and also was useful in keeping me relaxed and grounded throughout the transformations of pregnancy. And believe it or not, I actually utilized those cat/cows for a bit in between pushes to help me connect with my body and baby and find the strength to eventually push her out.

2. Midwife (Megan Leigh Todd & Mary Wilterdink) - I met with two midwives at Mountain Vista OB/GYN and Midwifery at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, CO. Megan Leigh was the midwife during birthing time. She was amazing! She was familiar with my (#3 Hypnobabies) approach to natural birthing. She let me do my thing, but guided me enough so I had no tearing and didn't have to take any drugs during or after the birthing!

3. Hypnobabies - Mandy Jeffries teaches a Hypnobabies class in Denver which I attended for 4 weeks of the 6 weeks because my baby came a bit earlier than expected. I highly recommend Hypnobabies! It is a pretty time-consuming program, but well worth it. My husband and I felt prepared and really intune with one-another as we embarked on this very unfamiliar experience. Mandy was an awesome teacher. When my water broke three weeks before our expected date, and no contractions had started yet, I was warned that we may have to induce, which can begin a slippery slope of interventions. Without Hypnobabies I probably would have been induced and ended up taking an epidural.

4. My birth partner - My birth partner/husband, Justin, was very supportive of all of my choices throughout my pregnancy and he was a pillar of love and stability during my birthing time.

This winning combination wowed all the medical staff at Swedish. They were amazed that I was so calm and that I didn't need any pain medication during or after Missy's arrival.

If anyone here has any questions for me feel free to post them here or email me through my website: Kids Yoga in Denver
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