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First time having my own yard, how do I get started?

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In May, I will be moving into my own house, and there is zero landscaping done in the yard. That's fine for the backyard, as that is where the kids and the dog are going to play, hang out, etc(plus, the clothesline will be going up back there, and a fence next year). But, I want to do something with the front yard. It's a small-ish yard, but still with enough room to do something with, ya know?

So, what to do first? I want to find some garden retaining bricks to put around the front porch and plant there, maybe along the front sidewalk up to the house too. Other than that, I have no idea.

Ideas? Oh, and how about houseplants that don't require a lot of maintenance? I know I've always wanted a spider plant.

Yeah..I'm excited, no more rentals!!
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I have ivy in my house that I got from Home Cheapo that has been very hardy
I have 2 African violets that I must be doing something wrong with, they haven't flowred since I got them but at least they're not dead.

Somone will chime in about SFG for your front, I'm sure
I don't know much about it...

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Well, what are you wanting?

Flowers? Trees? Veggies?

Is it sunny all day?

Where do you live - what's the climate like? Rainy? Hot & Dry?
i would say start with a plan of what you want it to look like when you are done. Then go from there. It dosn't have to be all done at once, but you should have an over all vision in mind.
: I've been a homeowner quite a lot of years, but I'm just so bad at this. I need tips for getting my butt out there to maintain the very little that we've done. Leaves don't get raked, weeds don't get pulled. What is my problem? I love the idea of it, but then....
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I'm in North Dakota, my front yard has eastern exposure. I'm not too interested in perennials, unless they're really worth the effort. I've dealt with overgrown tigerlillies in two different homes now(military housing and the rental we're in right now), and they are a pain to thin out(in the spring), and then clean up after the season is over(not to mention mosquitos love the ground cover they provide)

If irises, tulips, crocuses, etc are easier to deal with, then I'd love to plant some.

African violets are out, even my mom with the green thumb can't keep them alive. It's the only houseplant she won't touch. I was thinking more along the lines of hardy plants like spider plants, something to add a touch of green to the house, plus I know one spider plant can yield many more spider plants over the years.

I am considering some bushes for the front yard. I'd love lilac bushes, but I know they can be expensive. I'm indifferent on trees, but the front yard really isn't big enough for a tree(in the future that is)
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Lilacs are my favorite flower!!! *dreamy sigh*

When we finally get our house, my plan is to plant native flowers in the front yard. Not only are they pretty and environmentally friendly, but they'll attract birds and butterflies.
Snake plants (also called Mother-in-law's tongue) are really easy to care for houseplants. I haven't managed to kill mine and that's saying something.

I'm from the deep south so I can't be much help with bushes for your area.
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