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First-time Newbie (with a past)!

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Hi! My friend just linked me up here. I feel comforted already and love reading about what's going on with you all. I just heard the baby's heartbeat today - it was great - nice and strong. So they say I'm 11 weeks but from our date of conception, it's been 9 weeks - I find that whole thing really frustrating! 2 weeks in fetal development time is huge! Any thoughts on that?

So, my story is that I was pregnant and had a miscarriage 5 months ago when I was right about where I am now. Wow - that was rough. Here we go again though so we're just hoping for the best!!! I'm taking it very very easy - last time I kept running and biking, etc. Which everyone said was fine. This time, something inside just told me to cut way back so now I'm just walking and doing very gentle yoga. I figure this is a fragile process that's taking place. Who knows...but so far, so good!

"talk" with you soon!
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congrats and best wishes for this pregnancy!

Originally Posted by SoPac
So they say I'm 11 weeks but from our date of conception, it's been 9 weeks - I find that whole thing really frustrating! 2 weeks in fetal development time is huge! Any thoughts on that?
That's right - both of them =) It's confusing, but they count the two weeks from your period to ovulation, too. So, your baby has been growing for 9 weeks, but according to most pregnancy calculations, you're 11 weeks pregnant. The Pregnancy Book by Dr. Sears counts your way (9 weeks) - which totally makes sense, but frustrates me to no end because every other site, book, doctor counts the other way. So I'll find myself getting all excited about some development, then remember that I have 2 more weeks to get there =)

Congratulations!!! So glad you're here, and I hope you're here much longer than last time.
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Congrats and welcome! Nice to have another first timer (well, mostly) here! Hope we'll be seeing you for a long time to come!

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Yep, when you think of how 'unlikely' it is for the sperm to FIND the egg and actually get in there and start creating life, it does seem like a pretty fragile process. And then when you add the 'please baby stick!' part, it seems even more fragile. But in reality--our bodies and their processes are pretty strong...not too fragile.
Listen to your body. It will tell you if you are doing too much. Yoga is wonderful, but I was told to look for a prenatal yoga class since regular yoga may be tough with your changing hormones making your muscles/ligaments behave differently. I don't know much about it...but I'm sure someone on here knows yoga and can say why pg yoga is better!

About sports in general...if you are a marathon runner--been running a lot before pg, they say you can keep running, just cut back a bit when your body tells you to. And when you get too big you may want to cut back a lot since the jogging may not hurt the baby, but may hurt the ligaments holding the uterus. Heart rate is something that is mentioned a lot...but your heart rate won't go too high if your body is in shape and used to it. Just don't over stress yourself or over push your limits.
I play soccer...I played soccer for the first 4 months of my 1st pregnancy. I was SOOO tired, but playing seemed to give me a little energy (I didn't play in games mind you...just kicking around with friends--no contact at all!)
Before this pg I was into Roller Derby! Lots of exercize, some contact, some falling, (we were only practicing--so not much contact!
) But as soon as I found out I was pg I stopped that--too high of a chance of falling or getting hit...and even though I have faith that the baby is securely attached, I don't want to hurt ME!
Much more chance of a twisted ankle etc...which sucks to walk on while pg!

So, jog if you feel up to it...just make sure you are careful and don't overdo it. M/C usually happens because of something not forming right...not because of doing 100crunches and jogging a mile or two!

Glad you're here! This is a great bunch!!
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Congrats! Welcome!
Congrats!! Welcome to MDC, lots of great info here!
Congratulations and we're happy to have you join us. Isn't this such an exciting time in our lives. I think it's great to be a woman. Men don't know what they're missing.
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Welcome to the group! How exciting to hear the heartbeat. I'm still a few weeks away from my first appointment.... I'm starting to look forward to it!

About exercise; I did a lot of research when I was pg with #1 and decided to stick with what I love doing; I'm a run-bike-swim person and I trained for and did a short triathlon during my pregnancy w/dd. I just found I was a lot happier when I was out 'doing' versus trying to take it easy for 9 mo, but that's just me
. This pregnancy I'm training with a friend for a duathlon.

For pregnancy, I just follow the old 'all things in moderation' mantra, eat right, live well, listen to my body and hope for the best.

At one point early in my pg w/#1 I was so stressed out about all the things I had done before I realized I was pg and it was awful. I kinda came to peace with it by deciding what will be, will be and I'm okay with it. That philosophy has helped me a lot in the motherhood department!
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Congrats on your pg!
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