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First trimester diarrhea...

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anyone else? Ugh. This sucks. With ds I had no morning sickness, no nothing. It was a breeze. This time I've got nausea all day and diarrhea most of the day as well. I've had the diarrhea for the past 2 days or so.
Should I be concerned about this? I've emailed my midwife and I'm waiting for a response. Just wanted to see if I was alone in this.

I just keep drinking water hoping to stay hydrated. I read online that sometimes your vitamin could be causing it. Hmmm...maybe.

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I have the opposite problem...constipation. I've been eatting prunes like they're goin' outta style!
But I wouldn't advise prunes for you!

Things that naturally can constipate (and therefore may help you) are bananas and peanut butter...milk can constipate too.
I'm sorry I don't have better advice...hope you get to feeling better!
(tried SeaBands for morning sickness? They're AWESOME!)
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I had a few days of diarrhea early on in this pregnancy (I'm 10 weeks along now) but nothing since. I had never heard of diarrhea in pregnancy either but I wanted you to know you're not alone. Just keep drinking to prevent dehydration!
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good news is it went away. Make sure your prenatal does not have a stool softner in it. Mine did and it made it worse of course.

Good luck to you!


Originally Posted by babydoll
Make sure your prenatal does not have a stool softner in it. Mine did and it made it worse of course. Babydoll
Wow. I sure don't need that but like most women, like Mrs. Hos, would seem to need that in their vitamins.

Will it say "stool softener" or something like that on the label?
I am experiencing that right now too... I'm 5wks 3ds. I'd heard of constipation but not the other... I can never have "normal" symptoms.... lol Granted I don't want either one... hahaha. Good luck, hope it stops soon.
IT has to be listed in the ingredients. Could be colace or ducosate. If you call the phamacist they will be able to help you determine that. I had the runs with my first child as well. it sucks I know!
I know what you mean. All I hear about/read about is the constipation and I have had nothing but diarrhea the whole time and I am 20 weeks and 4 days. I didn't have it with dd but then I was throwing up until 5 months with her. I don't know what to advise just offer my sympathy.
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I had varying degrees of diarrhea with each of my four pregnancies. I only had morning sickness with three of them. Pregnancy really affects your whole intestinal tract and diarrhea is really quite common.
Wow, I didn't know diarrhea was common for pregnancy (I probably would have thought I had a stomach bug ) I'd assume it's the opposite because your body is trying to cycle fluid in and out so rapidly, seems like it wouldn't have much to spare. That was certainly the case for me, constipation is still a constant battle.

Anyhoo, try the BRAT diet... Cut out any super fibrous stuff and drink lots to keep yourself hydrated. Hope you feel better...
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