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first u/s next wednesday

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i have had no "proof" that there's a baby in there yet...other than the belly expanding a bit, the m/s, and the hpt's, and the no period. LOL ok i guess that's plenty...but still...we haven't heard the hb yet (we tried at 11.5wks)...and i cannot WAIT to have our first u/s. just to prove that there's even a healthy baby in there at all!! i'll be 14.5 weeks at that point so maybe we'll get a peek at the sex...that would be an extra treat...but just to know that there's a bean in there will be enough for me.

so...wish me luck...
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hi michelle!

i had my first ultrasound today. it was so awesome to see the little bean. heart pumping away, arms waving around. we saw legs and feet, too. and both halves of the brain and the spine. pretty amazing. and i'm only 11 weeks, so if you're further along, you may even get to see more. good luck!

Aww, how exciting!
I just had an u/s last Friday (13w6d). It was *much* more like my 20 w u/s with dd than the 10 w one. You really could see all those details and watch what the baby was doing.

I did have a momentary freak out because it took the ob a while to find my uterus. So, if a baby doesn't instantly pop up on the screen, hold on, it'll be there in a moment!
I hear ya, Michele. I go in today for my first u/s. I need to see that little spinning blob with a heart beat to really believe that I'm pg. After that, I can start being excited.
When I was pg with my first, they scheduled my first u/s two weeks after I did my home test. I was still in shock but when I saw that baby on the screen, it was like "Yep, I guess I really am pregnant." Despite all the other symptoms.
Good luck!
I totally understand! I have my second ultrasound tomorrow, at 11 weeks. I'm so nervous but excited. I've been very anxious during this first trimester due to the previous miscarriages, but if this u/s looks good, I'll be *super* relieved that things are going ok
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I get to have a level II u/s at 18 weeks. My son was born with a congenital heart defect and his level 1 didn't show anything but a perfectly beating, four-chambered heart; I will be relieved to see this baby up closer
. And I really want to know the sex...
Three more weeks away!
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