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first ultrasound!

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I'm so excited! I had my first ultrasound today and it was amazing!

I had calculated that I was 6 weeks exactly, but the measurements said 6 weeks 2 days. There was a good heartbeat (122 bpm). I even got a picture - you can perfectly see gestational sac and the baby.

The midwife was great (though she was having an off day b/c of a death in the family), and our next appointment is in 4 weeks. She said that my 4-8pm nausea/headache/fatigue can be lessened by eating protein at about 10am and 2pm. She also suggest paypaya tablets instead of tums for indigestion.

I feel so relieved! We're still waiting till Thanksgiving to start telling everyone, but I feel really good about everything...
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Congratulations! That's wonderful news.

Regarding timing - I tend to tell people once I have heard or seen a heartbeat. I hear the chances of a problem are much lower in that case. But that's me, and you may want to hold. You have every reason to "feel good about everything" though.

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what great news!!! ohhh, i remember when i first saw ds's little heart flashing... sounds like you have a perfectly healthy little on in your womb!

just had to add, Papaya enzyme tablets saved my life when i was pregnant with tristan, and will again this time i am sure! Sooo stomachable, not chalky and tasty, i think they work so much better than icky tums.

Good luck to you,

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