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I was in labor, having irregular contractions, but they were getting stronger. So, I went to the hospital anyway. I was 3-4 cm dialated when they admitted me and I was doing a ton of walking, but labor just wasn't really progressing. I actually still had a smile on my face so they said I wasn't in "true" labor. So, after she was helping someone else push for like 2 hours, she finally came in and we talked at about 1AM. I asked her if she would rupture my membranes, so she did. (I was really feeling kind of down about my lack of progress and still not being in "true" labor) About 2 minutes later, I was in excruciating pain! It was a really hard contraction. And I had another one like 2 minutes after that that made me cry. My smile was gone... She asked if I wanted to get in the jacuzzi and I did. It helped, but it was still painful. After being in there for about 35-40 minutes, I was ready to get out. The pressure was so unbearable. So then I sat in the rocking chair and rocked and breathed through contractions... I'd had enough of that after about 15 minutes so I got back in the bed. About 15 minutes after that, I was having really bad contractions and the nurse said, "Let's lay on your left side." So I did and it was horrible. The contraction came and went and the pain stayed. I said I couldn't take it anymore, that I couldn't do it, I needed something!! They asked if it felt like I had to push and I said I didn't know.... I just wanted the pain to stop. My midwife checked me and I was 9 cm. She said to give her a little push and see if it felt better, so I did and immediately went to 10cm. So I pushed some more and his head almost came out. Her eyes kind of popped because she didn't have on a gown and had taken the gloves off, so she said to stop pushing. Then the next contraction came 1 min later and I pushed and his head came out. It was the best feeling!! I started crying and saying, "I did it!!" over and over again. Jason was obviously getting emotional and I think it was the first time he's shown emotion in forever. His cord was around his neck, but he was fine and with one more push he was out. She said to reach down and grab him and I yelled, "I can feel a baby!"
and then it was all over.

Jaxon Leonard Killian
8 lbs 8 ozs
20 1/2 in long
2:46AM 6/24
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