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My wonderful mom works for the EPA, and spent a few years in the water quality dept there. She's moved on to another part of EPA now, but still has friends who send her info. A few years back, before I got pregnant, she sent me some info (which I can't find now) and a strongly-worded "recommendation" to quit eating tuna regularly.

When I told her I was pregnant with DD, she checked again with her contacts, and told me that the official position of the EPA is that it's safe to eat tuna, etc, in small quantities, but that, off the record, none of her friends eat tuna or other high-on-the-marine-food-chain fish at all, nor do they feed them to their own kids.

That was enough for me to quit eating tuna, etc. Heavy metals are, to my knowledge, fat soluble, so healthy bodies hold onto them, with the levels growing over time. We all have toxins accumulating in our bodies from environmental exposures that we can't control, so I'm always interested in ways to cut out the exposures that I can, however small the actual amounts of the toxin may be.

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