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Fit and Fat

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My girlfriend Steph is a yoga instructor. Our local newspaper asked for an interview. They asked lots of questions and took lots of pictures, but left out one little detail: they didn't tell her the real purpose of the story. So the morning the paper came out, she rushed to get her copy, as did everyone she had proudly alerted to the story, only to find her gorgeous picture sitting beneath the words: Fit and Fat. As you can imagine, she sat in her parked car and cried. Bastards. The story was all about how, gasp, women even up to a size 14 can manage to touch their toes without keeling over of a heart attack.

Meanwhile, I'm a size six. People probably would look at me and think I'm in decent shape, but in reality, I couldn't run to the corner without gasping for breath.

However, society reverses the assumptions when looking at a baby or toddler. In that case, skinny most certainly means sickly, but fat means Keep Up The Good Work Mama!
When my ds was 17 and a half pounds at his first birthday, our neighbor turned us in for child abuse, stating that you can count his ribs, he can't weigh 15 pounds soaking wet, he looks malnourished,
. Yes, she was raising a chubby, formula fed boy. A year later, my boy has had two little colds. Period. Her boy had all sorts of ordinary childhood ailments, including at least 8 ear infections and eventual tubes.

Ironic, huh?

PS, If you have a story along these lines, either as an adult or in regard to one of your kids, maybe I can compile them in some kind of article.
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There is an article in TIME this week about being fit, and a sub-article or sidebar about being fit and fat.

I have exercised and dieted all my life only to be five feet tall, one hundred seventy pounds at the age of fifty one.

So sad.
Must be the genes that survived the Ice Age in Europe that keeps me chunk-o now.

Originally Posted by applejuice
There is an article in TIME this week about being fit, and a sub-article or sidebar about being fit and fat.
I always have the great ideas about an hour too late.
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I am so sorry they did not reveal the true purpose of their article!! What a horrible humiliation to have your picture under that heinous headline!

Here's my "fit and fat" story, for what it's worth: I decided to get fit after DS#2 was born, even though I was still fat and having trouble losing any weight. I started walking and, when that wasn't enough, took up bicycling on a borrowed mountain bike from my brother.

About six months after that, I found that I was doing only road riding, going longer distances, and wanted a road bike of my own.

I went into four different bike shops and was talked down to and not helped (i.e., they were assuming that my 5'7" almost 200 lb body was not appropriate for a road bike). One shop said I should buy "neutral colors" on a bike so that if it didn't work out, I'd have an easier time selling it. I was completely ignored for almost 20 minutes at one small shop where staff was standing idly behind the counter, and I left in tears)!!

I was indeed Fit and Fat for a long time after that. I seem to be unable to lose weight while BFing - my DS is now 3-1/2 and I am down to about 160, which still I guess is considered "fat" to some people. However, I feel strong and powerful now, and that is all that matters!

I just went on a 40 mile organized bicycle ride today. It was so neat seeing all the shapes and sizes of people of all age groups, all in pretty fantastic shape.
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Over the past 5 years, my weight has crept from 120 lbs to 155 lbs. I'm 5' tall. During that time I have run 4 marathons (trained for 5) and have maintained steady exercise habits. I run and walk and do spinning and aquarobics classes.

I am far more "fit" than most of my thin friends. It sucks.
Hi!, Queen Bee, me too! I am fifty-one, 170# and 5'.

I have a friend who trained for the LA Marathon for six months, ran it, did NOT lose ONE pound, but her clothes did fit better...

Right now, despite my good diet and good exercise regimen, I am fifty pounds overweight and my exercise is being cut back to accommodate a bad case of bursitis in my left shoulder.

I have never broken a bone in my life, and here I am, with a sling, a poultice and fomentations soaking all over my body, searching the yellow pages for a physical therapist after being given up by alternative HCPs as my chiropractor and my acupuncturist.
i'm so sorry for your friend!!! how awful.
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