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fitted diapers advice

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ok- I ALMOST have enough $ to buy medium fitteds for ds. I think we have decided that our batik lucy's hope chests are our favorites, but of course there are so many out there that we haven't tried. My only reservation is that the wovens aren't as stretchy as a knit print or a naked dipe. How much of a difference does that really make??? and, if you could pick one kind of fitted dipe to buy in the under $13 price range, what would it be?? something you can actually get in this lifetime!
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Exactly what I waiting on

3 fun fitteds and 12 hemp fitteds from crystals cloth, but alas she is closed to orders right now. That's b/c she's working on my way to big order
No, I'm sure she has lots of others too!
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My current faves are front snappers.... including:


Pipsqueak and Loveybums both do custom dipes for WELL under $13

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My favorite fitted is Sugarplum Baby. I love love love these diapers!

I have 2 LHC fitted wovens but I much prefer her AIO's. I haven't tried her knits which she recommends for fitted. I also didn't order them quickdry style which might have made a difference.
If it's her woven fabrics you're in love with (like I am) then I'd stick to an AIO or perhaps get a cover. I haven't tried her covers yet but that's my next purchase I'm planning to make.
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