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I have some Peik a boo fitted diapers for sale. Love, Love, Love these diapers, however, its more practical with soon going to have 2 in diapers for me to go back to Prefolds.

The diapers have aplix and snaps. Sewn in soakers. Size L. They are stained but work great and sunshine might do the trick. These retial for about 8-9.00 each for these diapers. Asking 4.25 each.
All sorts of prints. Flowers,stars and moons, celestial, checkered, chickens and more.

I also have 2 snug to fits. One size Diapers. Color is white. 2.00 each plus shipping.

Will trade for:
Bummi pull on pant size Newborn,small and Medium
Stacinator So Simple Diaper Cover Size Small and Medium
Unbleached Chinese Prefolds Premium Size
L Maternity Jean type pants (anything but stretch pants)
BioBottoms WOol Covers to fit newborn,infant and a 22lbs Toddler
Try me I am always looking for stuff lol

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Sure, Here are the 2 things I am intrested in

*Polar Babies ( Used in rotation only for about 3-4 mos. At night time. Has both a snap & aplix its in EC IMHO, fits from 15-23 ish lbsONLY $10.00PPD (is 18.00 + shipp new)
And the Medium Aritrocrat


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Larges Fit 20-30lbs :

I have some with snaps and some with aplix.
Some are with flannel and some with birds eye in the sewn in soaker.

Prints are
Stars-snap with overlapping snap setting flannel soaker
chickens (Sounds corny but cute diaper) this is an aplix diaper with flannel soaker
Jewish Print-birdseye soaker- Snap settings
Corn Candy outter, flannel soaker snaps

I also have 2 Extra Large with Aplix. These are different animals outter and a red,white and yellow checkered.

There are some Pending in a trade but not sure which ones yet. WIll let you know otherwise the rest will be available.

I also have 2 snug to fits
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