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Fitted dipe similar to BBH?

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Hi ladies,
I'm preparing my stash for baby #2 - due at the end of July. I only CD'd dd for three months, started at 17 months and she potty learned at 20 months. We loved BBH diapers for her, the fit, the absorbency (she peed like a race horse) and the fact that the prints (woven and knit) seemed to look brand new no matter how many times I washed them.

Anyway, seems they are pretty hard to come by these days, I"ve gotten six NB ones through the TP, but have not found any smalls or mediums at all. Can anyone suggest a brand that might be similar to BBH that I might fall just as in love with. I can't afford the crazy pricey dipes, adn would love something that is fairly available second hand.

I keep seeing all these tempting posts on the TP, but don't want to spend lots of money and end up dissapointed.

Thanks in advance,
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I would recomend sugarplumbaby or cuddlebuns also you may look for SOS or mutts. SOS can be found on the TP or Ebay sometimes and Mutts here lately have been stocking a lot and her OV is sooo lovely.
I love BBH dipes so much, but I disagree with the previous poster. None of those other brands fit like our BBH at all. Our babe doesn't fit in anything front-snapping, but her small side-snap BBH fit like a dream. Candy doesn't make a medium, just newborn, small, and large I believe, but the small fit for quite a while.

I personally find that some other side-snapping diapers are close. Mudpies, Berry Patch, Fussybutt, Sugarbums are some others that fit well and are absorbent.

Of course, these aren't any easier to get, unfortunately!

Lucy's Hope Chest dipes are similar and fit well
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