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I've had that happen before, with other goods.
Someone bought me stuff off my amazon wishlist, but i'd moved and completely forgotten all about changing my addy in amazon.

I noticed one day that I had good coming (a jack in the box appears) and that they had been "delivered" already.

Turns out, UPS let some lady sign with a X! they wouldn't accept responsibility for THEIR mistake. I called my old apt complex and inquired about the new resident, and they told me it was a little asian woman (if I remember correctly) who didn't even speak/write english well enough to pay rent. She had to have someone come in and write out her check for her!

What on EARTH she did with a copy of a perl book (scripting language for computers) and a copy of a wallace and gromit dvd I'd have NO idea...
Made me laugh to think of it though!
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