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I am going to order some FLAMs and I don't know what inside to get
The pricing is as follows:
FLAM newborn fitted diapers:
$11.50-hemp with hemp or micro/velour soaker
$12.50-hemp with all velour lining
$13.50-organic/organic velour lining
Any recommendations/suggestions?? THanks
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I don't have any FLAMs, but I do have dipes with all those inners. Personally I don't like plain hemp inners because they seem to stain worse than the others - for me anyway. I love the soft cushiness of velour, and although ov is luscious, I like regular velour just as much.
I had a dozen FLAMs and I would have loved to have about 3 dozen when dd was born! They were my absolute favorite fitted! I loved the OV lined the best! Oh and the knits will last longer then the wovens

I have 4 FLAGs that are hemp lined with matching regular velour and I love them just as much as the FLAMs!
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Righteous baby diapers- FLAM Fits Like a Mitten, FLAG Fits like a glove.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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